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Day Trips


Traditional Day Trip - Shared Sleds

Excellent for families and individuals who what to ease in to mushing, our Traditional Day Trips are run with two people per team of dogs. For good control of the sled and quick steering response, one person drives the team while the other rides – snuggled inside the padded sled bag. Switching between positions as many times as desired allows for plenty of driving time and plenty of time to take it easy. Note that people from multiple parties may be combined on the daily outings. A day trip includes full instruction, guides, gear and a hot lunch. Covering between 15 and 30 miles of scenic lakes and trails, the Traditional Day Trip (two people per sled) gets you out in the wilderness for about six hours. These daily trips may combine people from multiple small parties.  Minimum group size is 2 guests.  Meet at our kennel to begin the adventure.

Cost per Person


$245/person Weekday

$299/person Weekend

Trip Itinerary
Two People per Sled: Arrive at the kennel and meet your traveling companions. We'll teach you the essentials of driving a sled and harnessing dogs, and then we are off for the day trip.
Mimimum group size: 2 guests with 1-2 guides. Minimum age 8.
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