Day Trips

Our day trips are offered in both the Premier Style (one person per sled) and the Traditional Style (two people per sled, sharing riding and driving). For the Premier Style Day Trip, we keep groups private (two minimum) but for the Traditional Style Day Trip people from multiple parties may be combined on the daily outings. Either style, expect friendly instruction and guidance as you learn to drive your dog team.

Lodge Trips

Dogsled by day, and retire to a northwoods lodge in the evening. For those who’s only desire to rough it ends at the end of the day. Enjoy savory meals and comfortable accommodations after a full day of mushing on the trail. Days are spent exploring a spectacular region considered by National Geographic as on of the top 50 places you must see, and nights relaxing by the fireplace with good conversation.


Yurt Trips

What is a yurt? It is a round semi-portable tent, with a rich history from the nomadic people central-Asia and Mongolia. Ours is insulated, heated and on a carpeted platform. The yurt makes a great destination trip for short trips, or as a base for exploring the Boundary Waters and the northern reaches of our dog sled trail system with our longer trips.

Camping Trips

For the ultimate winter adventure, immerse yourself in a dogsled camping trip. Our experienced guides help you develop skills to stay warm, keep comfortable and enjoy the best of winter and mushing. These are physically active trips with a genuine sense of adventure. Custom trips are available in our Premier or Traditional styles.
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Alright, alright, alright. This trip was absolutely amazing. It consisted of many laughs and much excitement. Staff were very friendly, supportive and our tour guide, Theo rocked. The dogs were friendly and the view was incredible.
Thanks for the trip guys! Wasn’t quite sure what to expect since none of us ever sledded before. Super great guides and everyone had a blast. Want to go again. Thought the price was very reasonable concerning all the logistics involved. Would recommend to anyone, any age.


Who We Are

There are a lot of dog sledding providers out there so why should you choose us? Because Dog Sledding is what we do. We are not first and foremost a racing kennel or an arctic exploration kennel. We are a professional tour provider, which means we have dogs that are best for you, we have seasoned staff trained to lead quality mushing trips (not college kids taking a year off for fun) and we have the focus to ensure it all comes together for you in a safe and successful manner.

  • Safe comfortable hands on trips
  • Well trained, socialized, lovable Dogs
  • Great food and quality equipment
  • Trip Advisor’s #1 ranked activity in Ely, MN