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Dogsledding Vacation or Cruise Ship?

Can’t decide what kind of vacation to take; we’ll help.Cruise ship vs Dogsledding Vacation
If you fall off of your sled, you don’t get eaten by sharks.The woods are much less crowded than a ship.We aren’t so good at booking big name evening entertainers, I guess we lose to the cruise lines on that one.

No one has ever gotten seasick on a dogsled.

We have puppies.

Visiting Outer Space vs Dogsledding

We bring our dogs back.

Our food is worth writing home about.

We never run out of fresh air.

Our views are good, but space might take the cake on this one.

Going into space earns you better bragging rights.

There is a pretty good chance you’ll get sick coming and leaving space.

We have puppies.

Disneyworld vs Dogsledding

Our 101 dogs don’t all look the same.

We don’t have lines.

We don’t have water slides, sorry folks.

There are big, goofy looking, hairy characters wandering around Disneyworld, oh I guess we have that too.

You won’t get sick on a dogsled ride.

Our puppies are cuter.

Yellowstone vs Dogsledding

Dogs aren’t affected by government shut-downs.

We don’t suffer from buffalo induced traffic jams, but we are not sure if that is a pro or a con.

We’re closer (probably).

Our water smells better.

We have puppies.

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