snow ledge

A Fabulous Snowy March.

Its been an incredible week. Ole Man Winter seems to have shacked up with Mother Nature and they’ve completely blown off any noise about the Spring Equinox. We’ve had very good snow, ice and trail conditions all winter, and they it just keeps getting better. This week, we picked up another 5″ of snow. At one point, I was breaking trail across August Lake….and I mean I was breaking trail, followed in single file, behind me, bounding through neck deep snow, my trusty leaders and some powerhouse canines. Along the shoreline, powdery snow was thigh deep. Mid-lake it was knee deep. The winter trail had blown in with the snowstorm and was very difficult to follow, so we carved out our own trough. Back in the woods, protected from the winds, the trails are in excellent condition, and do not require the guides to be enlisted as an honorary lead dog.

March also brings warmer sunnier weather, sun-soaked bays to savor lunch while the dogs sunbathe. Its a fabulous time to bring the kids, or venture north with little threat of Minnesota’s subzero reputation rearing its chilly head.

In celebration, we’ve got our own March Madness Sale happening. HALF OFF ANY TRIP, from now til the end of the season. We will easily be on sleds well in to early April. The dogs are in peak condition. We promise not to make you break trail. Chris is still baking fabulous homemade cookies. Lets see if we can get her over the 1,500 mark. Come join the fun!

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