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Dev White Wilderness

Our Covid Plan

We will be open and running for 2020/21 Covid has affected us all, and many people are wondering about the plans for our sled dog adventures. Because our trips are outdoors, we are a much safer activity than ones held indoors. Even so, we have implemented safeguards to keep our trips as risk-free as possible. …

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Sheldon–the Sled Dog

Yesterday, I decided to run Sheldon and Joker in lead on my afternoon run. As I watched Sheldon pee on the tire of Theo’s 4 wheeler as we attempted to pass her team (yes, he was peeing on the tire while we were all still moving), I realized that this was not going to be …

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Unexpected New Lead Dog

Cool mornings mean a start to fall training, an exciting time for us as well as the dogs. Oftentimes, a young dog that we have worked with the winter before will seemingly spend the summer reflecting on the lessons learned. This makes the first runs of fall exciting, since we get to see who has …

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