snow ledge

Cats and Sled Dogs

Stalking the Dogs!

We have two cats. All mushers should have at least one cat; they are there to protect the dog food from rodents. But the ways vary on how a cat deals with the dogs.

I once had a cat that trained sled dog puppies. He would sit atop the post on the puppy pen and watch them. When the puppies were released he would jump down and slowly run. The puppies would of course chase him. The cat would run at a slow lope and slow down if the puppies fell behind. If he ran through some brush or tall grass he would wait when he exited it for the pups to get through. Occasionally he would stop and the pups would run in circles around him, if they got two close he swatted them. He was a great cat, and no the “was” did not come about do to dogs but the great equalizer time.

Our current two have different approaches. Otto puts them in their place by stalking and attacking. A good offense is the best defense. Lilly on the other hand is a lover not a fighter and she befriends the dogs. Believe me the dogs know which is which!

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