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Dog Sledding Winter Camping

Until you’ve tried it, winter camping can be intimidating, much like swimming with hungry sharks, however unlike swimming with sharks, winter camping is fun and safe. On a winter camping trip with us, you will not only learn about running sled dogs, but we will also share our knowledge of staying warm and comfortable in the snow covered northwoods.
Dog Sledding Camping Advantages
Camping has much to offer those willing to venture out into the wilderness in the winter months. The first thing you will notice, if you are a seasoned summer camper, is the complete and glorious lack of bugs. Let me repeat that, THERE ARE NO BUGS IN THE WINTER. As the cold weather drives away the bugs, so too do the fair weather tourists flee as the water begins to harden. This leaves millions of acres of snow covered wilderness for the hearty few to enjoy.
One of the best ways to prevent being uncomfortably chilled is to eat. So, as we are traveling by dogsled, and can carry a lot of stuff, we eat very well. If you like to eat oatmeal and freeze dried dinners on camping trips, you will have to bring your own food. Biscuits and gravy and pork tenderloin as well as a hearty desert, will keep you much warmer.
A White Wilderness Created
What would be a torrential downpour on a summer canoe trip, leaving you soaked for days, in the winter becomes a gentle snowfall, leaving the world looking fresh and new. Perfect conditions for running a dogsled. On a clear winter night, if you’re lucky you may see the northern lights dancing across the sky, but even on a night void of such phenomenon you will see more stars than you thought could fit in the night sky.
Though many of the annoyances we put up with camping in the summer, bugs, heat, rain, and crowds, do not exist in the winter; the reasons we enjoy camping don’t change. We still end each day sitting around a warm fire enjoying the camaraderie that wilderness travel encourages.

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