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Dogsledding Through the Boreal Forest

Minnesota is a large and ecologically diverse state. Where we are located it is the smallest of all the sub ecosystems, the Boreal Forest. This area of big pines is located on the Canadian Shield, the bedrock that comes jutting up to provide our rocky outcrops.

We are well known for our lakes and they are the crown jewel of the area. But we have so much more. Glacier erratic, large boulders that can be as big as a house scatter the landscape. And winter is the only time you can use the swamps and creeks. These areas are mesmerizing with a subtle beauty. Populated with stunted spruce, tamarack and flat runs. They contrast the hills and towering pines.

Winter is the best time to see the area as the pines standout and you can truly see their majesty. And with a boreal forest dogsledding trip you can travel far into its wilderness.

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