snow ledge

Dogsledding Vacations vs the Same Old Thing

Why Head North instead of south for your winter vacation? When you sign up for a sled dog trip it is question your friends will be asking you.

Going dogsledding is about adventure, exploration, learning new things and embracing winter. It is about having a unique an authentic experience. While those last sentences sound like a mash up of current buzz words, but I really mean them.

When you come on a trip with us it is not a canned trip, as you would get in places such as Disney World, you will not get the same experience as the next person. There are two many variables and the most important of those is you and how you interact with the dogs, other participants and the woods. We will actually teach you how to do something, not just strap you in and send you off, this is not a ride this is a DRIVE!

Vacations should be refreshing but they do not have to be only that. You can bring home experiences, lessons and memories that will be carried with you your whole life. Not just the same thing in a different location. Our dogsledding trips will offer you opportunities and we enjoy having you as our guest.

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