snow ledge

El Nino

The warm Pacific Ocean event known as an El Nino is in the news again. This year’s is expected to be a record breaker. While it means that many areas of the country and our state of Minnesota will lose out on winter it does not follow that we will.

Our kennel sits neatly just below the Canadian boarder, and in the southern edge of the Ontario Snow Belt, and just off of Lake Superior. The combination of these two gives us more usable snow days than anywhere else in the Midwest.

During the last big El Nino we had great snow while even 50 miles south of us they had none. In fact I had one group call from the airport wondering about the snow, I told them to just head north and you will find a winter playground, and they did.

From a business perspective the hardest part is getting the word out that we have snow. When people don’t see it out their door or hear that Minnesota has no snow they do not realize it is perfect up by us. We can provide the winter fix that a rainy winter further south will be lacking.

For a guest on a sled dog trip it can often mean great snow without the extreme cold and more stable winter temps.

So this winter we look forward to snow and moderate temps, perfect for enjoying the northwoods and our wonderful sled dogs.

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