snow ledge

Fall Construction

Fall is a great time for us. Not only is it cool enough to begin running dogs but it is a time to make things better for winter. This year we have a list of items that is long enough that the staff sputtered when they saw it. I think that is a good sign, we would not want them to get complacent.

Besides the usual– training dogs, brush trails and build new sleds, we are adding an addition to the building. This will provide more space for you when you come on a sled dog trip to get suited up and learn about what to expect.

This is all about us setting you up to succeed with our dogs and winter. We want you to be warm and happy while out dogsledding. And being able to make sure you have the right clothing and having clothing for you to rent to fill in the gaps makes it easier for you to do so. This new space will help us do just that. See you this winter.

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