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January Dog Sledding Tours

Dog Sledding through January Fresh Snow

The quietest time of year for us business-wise is the first three weeks of January. Perhaps it is that most people have had a busy holiday season and are all traveled out. Perhaps there is concern that this span may be the coldest time of year.
Whatever the reason, it is too bad because adventurers are missing out. January is winter travel. The snow is fresh and deep and there is a magical feeling to the air. The days are short. What? How is that a selling point? you ask.
Come find out. Travel to our yurt in January and then after dinner head down to the lake. The complete, absolute quiet that you hear—yes, you can hear quiet—you will not hear any other month. The crispness of the brilliant stars blanketing the sky is something like you have never seen in other months or in other locations.
The sheer excitement of our dog sledding days is easily balanced by the tranquility of the nights not to be experienced anywhere else.
Come experience it for yourself.

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