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John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

We have two dog teams registered for the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. This 400-mile race has been very important to us for many years. It is the main race that we train for; dedicating five months of training and thirty-some dogs to compete annually. The race runs along the rugged north shore of Lake Superior. It is a topography driven landscape notorious for it’s many hills, followed by more and more hills. It is an unrelenting and challenging route that has earned the Beargrease its tough reputation.

For 30 years this race has been the heart of the mid-distance racing in the upper Midwest. But this fall brought changes. Major financial problems forced the organizers to cancel the race.

Out of the ashes, just two days after the cancellation announcement, a new group took over the race and resurrected it. Recently they announced a major sponsor and a 25k purse. These community events are amazing and even more so as they are put on totally by volunteers.

Combine Your Dogsledding Trip with the Beargrease

Sled Dog race starts are a lot of fun to watch. With over 60 different dog teams assembled, the dogs know that this is a race and not just another training run. They bring an infectious excitement to the crowd. Seeing the variety of dogs and mushers is fascinating. Going to the Beargrease race start on the 26th of January, can be a great addition to your dogsledding trip with us. Join our Jan 21-26th Winter Odyssey.

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