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Our Covid Plan

We will be open and running for 2020/21

Covid has affected us all, and many people are wondering about the plans for our sled dog adventures. Because our trips are outdoors, we are a much safer activity than ones held indoors. Even so, we have implemented safeguards to keep our trips as risk-free as possible. Our primary concern is contact indoors at our kennel, lodges, and at our yurt camp. Changes this year include:

For all trips

  • We will vary our starting time to limit people in the building getting ready
  • Limit the number of people in the building and require masks
  • Practice social distancing in the kennel and on the trail
  • We will be sending out invoices so you can pay before you arrive

For multi-day trips and Yurt trips

  • We will not be mixing groups on yurt trips
  • Staff will set up meals at the yurt but will not be staying in the yurt
  • Staff will not be meeting groups for dinner before their trip

With these adjustments, we will continue to provide safe winter adventures.

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