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Putting the Odyssey in Winter

Heading out as the sun goes down.

Unique Dog Sledding Trip

We run many unique dog sledding trips — no other guide company does anything like them. But the most unique is our Winter Odyssey. The trip starts with you getting two first nights in a lodge; in between you have a learning day at dogsledding. This is a great way for you to ease in, make sure you have your clothing systems just right before the plunge to the yurt.

Dogs Sledding to the Yurt

We than travel to the yurt, our heated tent camp, this is plush camping. We are on a remote lake that has nothing else on it. You walk out at night and the sky is amazing with stars and possibly the moon and northern lights. And the yurt is cozy; we have tables, chairs and cots for your comfort. Meanwhile we will be cooking up great food. Often we have butternut ravioli, which is made at a little local shop or Salmon with a Morel sauce.

Out of the yurt we have a more challenging route to keep things interesting. We travel on a trail through some swamps that are amazing and nowhere you would get to in the summer, past some old growth white pines and glacier created topography. We often than head back to the yurt through the Boundary Waters Wilderness, traveling through Gabbro and Bald Eagle Lake.

Dog Sledding after Dark

But what makes the trip so unique is the last day of sledding. We start by doing nothing. You get the morning off to relax at the yurt, read, sleep in, go snowshoeing…by this point you’ve earned it. We than feed you a brunch worthy of the north woods logger camp history we have.

Than it is time to head out on the trail. More amazing scenery that wraps up on a small lake for dinner. Here we cook up steaks over a fire as the dusk sets in. It is now time to head back to the kennel and through the dark with that winter sky overhead.

Once in the kennel we have dessert and talk about the trip and share stories. The people who have just completed the night run are in awe of the experience. It caps a trip with the amazing grand finally. If you want to check out this years date you can do so here.

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