snow ledge

Rockin’ Guide

Yesterday Peter and I did a little work on the dirt road that leads to the kennel. There are a few strategically placed rocks on the road that shorter cars, like mine, tend to do battle with them from time to time. We decided that these needed to go. Pry bars in hand, we tackled the first few rocks with relatively quick success. Then, we hit the big guy. From the top, it didn’t look any different from the others we had just moved, but once we started digging, we realized that this wasn’t going to be a quick battle. The rock just kept going down. Deeper and deeper we dug, until we finally found the bottom. As we worked our way back and forth with the pry bars, trying to find the right angle to get the most leverage, I began to feel that perhaps my 5’ 1 ¾ “ self might not be the most efficient tool for removing a rock that didn’t seem to notice whether or not I was pushing on it. My suspicions were confirmed, when I attempted to gain a little more leverage for Peter, who was getting ready to roll the rock by hand. Both bars were wedged under the rock holding it up just enough so that Peter would be able to get a hold of it from the other side. I stood between both bars, mustered every ounce of strength I had, and pushed down on the bars. The rock didn’t notice. Nor did the rock care when I lifted my feet in the air and hung from both bars in a final attempt to be useful. As I hung in the air, feeling very defeated and wishing for the zillionth time that I was a little bigger, I looked up at Peter and we both burst out laughing. I decided then, that even though I might not be the best choice to bring along when moving heavy objects, I am more than happy to provide the comic relief in these situations. It’s all about realizing your strengths in whatever situation you find yourself. Thanks for the lesson, rock.      – Heather

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