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Sander’s Sled Dog Puppies

Sander’s Puppies and Heather

Sanders has been a very special dog. Not only is she our best athlete in the kennel. She also just loves to race, she will bark at the other dogs to try and get them to go faster. On top of all of this she is an absolute sweet heart.

Her litter was a very special one and her sister, Snickers, running for John Baker won the Iditarod at record pace.

Needless to say with all of this we have wanted to get a litter of puppies out of her. But for years she just would not get pregnant. My vet felt that if she was not pregnant after all the years of trying we were never going to get a litter out of her.

But this year we did. 8 beautiful puppies, 2 white, 3 grey and 3 back and white. Look for these guys pulling dogsledding trips in 2014!

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