snow ledge

Sled Dog, Dog Sled–MUSH!

Sled Dogs First!

This is a blog about my frustrations, well not all of them just one in particular. You see when I started this business in 1995 there was very little internet and NO Google. Search engines where in the model T stage if not the horse and buggy stage. So I was trying to pick a name for the business without thinking about Google.

Sled Dogging
A pet peeve of mine at the time, and now, was that everyone used the word “dogsledding” as in dog sled. Well in my opinion the SLED DOGS were by far more important than the dog sled they were pulling. So I put into my name Sled Dog Adventures to represent where my priorities were.

Well now I have to play catch up. More people, by thousands, use the search term “dogsledding” and darn it I put Sled Dog in my name. So I am using dogsledding as much as I can now. But I still feel the Sled Dog is more important.

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