snow ledge

Spring Update 2014

It spring time, some of the time here. We have been running dogsledding trips on fabulous snow into April now. The trails are good and the sides of them still will have you bogged down if you venture off of them.

But the kennel must move on and prepare for the next season. This year we have a lot we are working on. Steve works each summer in Juneau giving rides to the cruise ship tourists. This year he is going to take 18 of our dogs up for the task. So we are building a new trailer to safely transport them all.

We are always trying to improve the kennel so plans are under way to bring in more sand and hopefully a way to spread it in the form of a tractor. The water system we put in is working well and I want to add a rain water collection system to it as well. And every year we build another 12-24 dog houses to keep replacing the ones the dogs destroy.

But the favorite springtime activity is to run the puppies that were born last summer. We have some great ones and have them running up to 7 miles at a time now. Look for them next year on the sled dog trips.

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