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Teaching Sled Dogs Haw Over

We train our dogs to do many things and the fall is the perfect time for it. We have ATVs that we use to run the dogs. One of there benefits is we can stop where ever we want and teach. Because we train on forest service roads we make the dogs “gee over”, that is they are expected to run on the right side of the road for safety. “Gee” is the command for right in sled dog speak.

We are also training the dogs to take full fledge commands at intersections to go “gee” or “haw”, which is the command for right or left.

But this arises a question. If you only teach “gee over” does the dog truly understand it if they do not also learn “haw over”? Can anyone truly understand the part without understanding the whole? Deep questions for just running sled dogs.

I am not fully sure of the answer but I do know this. The more you teach a dog the more easily they will learn. Therefore I started teaching Tombo and Kowabunga Haw over. It drove them nuts at first, “but we always run on the right” they argued.

But after very little work they have it down and a few runs later I can switch sides of the road whenever we want.

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