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What Makes A White Wilderness Dog Sledding Trip Unique

Training Sled Dogs, Staff and Participants
There are many dogsledding trips out there so what makes white wilderness unique? First of all we believe in our guests
running dogs the way a musher would. Some places get by not training their dogs by having the staff ski in front and you follow along on your sled. We train lead dogs to, well, take the lead. This allows us to cover more ground; we don’t have to go at skier’s speed, it also keeps our dogs well behaved because we have spent countless hours working with them. You will not find a more intense training program than ours anywhere.

Giving you a hands on Dogsledding Experience
We believe in a hands-on adventure, not a “ride”. This puts you in front of the sled hooking up your team as well as behind the sled, driving them down the trails. You participate as opposed to just bundling up and being driven around.

Dog Sleds
Our sleds are sleds a musher would drive. Some places will use a large sled that does not steer and just bounces
along, you with it. We set you up for success with good brakes and steerable sleds, we then take the time to teach you how to use them.

Our remote location is in the heart of the Superior National Forest, just a few miles outside of the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area. There is a lot here, trails, lakes, trees, wildlife—but not much else. We have the best access to the most diverse dog sled trials and frozen lakes around. The Boundary Waters Wilderness is in National Geographic’s 50 must see places. However we feel it is THE MUSH see place.

Its your Dogsledding Trip—we insist it be Great!
The bottom line is; we want you to have a great trip, and we want you to truly experience dog sledding, winter and the northwoods. Check out all the Dogsledding Trips we offer.

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