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Yurt Camping By Dog Sled

The Yurt

Why take a dog sledding yurt trip? Well first of all let me just make a simple statement: getting out into the wilderness is a very good thing. Staying out overnight in the winter is an incredible experience. You walk out on the lake at night and look up and the stars will appear to hover just over your face.

However staying out camping in the winter is daunting and tough for almost everyone. The yurt is a perfect compromise. It will allow most people to over come the challenges of winter weather. While the yurt is not a cabin it is warm and comfortable. The heater will keep the yurt in those “autumn temps”, 45-60 F.

The yurt is cozy camping. It is has tables, chairs and cots. We here at White Wilderness like to eat, so we stock the yurt with a kitchen range and supplies to cook with. Great meals worth lingering over are our goal.

The yurt is a terrific place to hang out. Many of our guests spend time reading, journaling, and playing cards. And of course we are here to be outside so hiking and snowshoeing are a great activity, we provide the snowshoes.

We have created a program that gives you an amazing, accessible adventure that is unique.

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