Dogsledding Vacation or Cruise Ship?

Can’t decide what kind of vacation to take; we’ll help.Cruise ship vs Dogsledding Vacation
If you fall off of your sled, you don’t get eaten by sharks.The woods are much less crowded than a ship.We aren’t so good at booking big name evening entertainers, I guess we lose to the cruise lines on that one.

No […]

John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon


We have two dog teams registered for the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. This 400-mile race has been very important to us for many years. It is the main race that we train for; dedicating five months of training and thirty-some dogs to compete annually. The race runs along the rugged north shore of […]

Putting the Odyssey in Winter

Unique Dog Sledding Trip

We run many unique dog sledding trips — no other guide company does anything like them. But the most unique is our Winter Odyssey. The trip starts with you getting two first nights in a lodge; in between you have a learning day at dogsledding. This is a great way for […]

Cats and Sled Dogs

We have two cats. All mushers should have at least one cat; they are there to protect the dog food from rodents. But the ways vary on how a cat deals with the dogs.

I once had a cat that trained sled dog puppies. He would sit atop the post on the puppy pen and […]

Sled Dog, Dog Sled–MUSH!

This is a blog about my frustrations, well not all of them just one in particular. You see when I started this business in 1995 there was very little internet and NO Google. Search engines where in the model T stage if not the horse and buggy stage. So I was trying to pick […]

Dog Sledding Winter Camping

Until you’ve tried it, winter camping can be intimidating, much like swimming with hungry sharks, however unlike swimming with sharks, winter camping is fun and safe. On a winter camping trip with us, you will not only learn about running sled dogs, but we will also share our knowledge of staying warm and comfortable […]

Sled Dog Leaders

People often ask how we choose lead dogs. That is a good question with a complicated answer.
One of the most common assumptions our guests have is that the smartest dogs always make the best leaders, this is not always true (especially if the dog is smarter than the trainer). The problem with too smart […]

What Makes A White Wilderness Dog Sledding Trip Unique

Training Sled Dogs, Staff and Participants
There are many dogsledding trips out there so what makes white wilderness unique? First of all we believe in our guests
running dogs the way a musher would. Some places get by not training their dogs by having the staff ski in front and you follow along on your sled. We […]

Yurt Camping By Dog Sled

Why take a dog sledding yurt trip? Well first of all let me just make a simple statement: getting out into the wilderness is a very good thing. Staying out overnight in the winter is an incredible experience. You walk out on the lake at night and look up and the stars will appear […]

Scout–Genius Dog

There is a story of Mark Spitz being called out by his teammates for not practicing with them. He dove into the pool, broke a world record, and said when they could do that he would practice with them. I have a dog like that.
Scout hates to practice. When we are […]