Sander’s Sled Dog Puppies

Sanders has been a very special dog. Not only is she our best athlete in the kennel. She also just loves to race, she will bark at the other dogs to try and get them to go faster. On top of all of this she is an absolute sweet heart.

Her litter was a very […]

Dog Yard Upkeep

Summer dog yard maintenance includes keeping the grass, or as we tend to have weeds, mowed. This helps keep the bugs to a minimum.

We have help in this with two ponies. We take turns letting one of them out. They just love the dog yard; which can be very frustrating. I have seen the […]

Doug–Old Man Winter

In 2007 I met a wandering soul at Birch Lake Campground. He was in the process of putting his life back together after having been hurt physically and psychologically. He was interested in a job, and we had need of a campground host. To be honest, I was pretty nervous about hiring him. But […]

April In House Sled Dog Race

The first ever White Wilderness Invitational Sled Dog Derby

With 20” of fresh snow we had a race on April 21st. The racers were Morgan McClelland, age 8; Peter McClelland, age 44; Doug “old man winter” Harris, older than dirt; Shawn McCarty, 30 but intellectually 3. Race Marshal was Milo McClelland, 6.

The race marshal set […]

A Fabulous Snowy March.

Its been an incredible week. Ole Man Winter seems to have shacked up with Mother Nature and they’ve completely blown off any noise about the Spring Equinox. We’ve had very good snow, ice and trail conditions all winter, and they it just keeps getting better. This week, we picked up another 5″ of snow. […]

We’ve Got Snow!

Winter is quiet today. I am laying in the snow with my camera, waiting for the first sled dog teams to emerge around the bend. I hear the wingbeat of a curious Raven circling overhead, wondering if I might be lunch. Snowflakes drift down, accumulating at an imperceptible rate. Finally, the first lead dogs […]

Sled Dog Puppies first run

The dogs on our dog sled tours are amazing. When people come on our trips they always ask how hard it is to train them. Well the basics of running and pulling are genetics. It is amazing to take some puppies that have never been put in harness and hook them up and they […]

Button Box 2012

Button Box Dog Rally-2012

Once again we attended this dog rally held every October at Button Box campground. Here is why it is great. Shawn and I were running our 14 dog teams on a 20 mile training run with 7 other teams that were training for distance racing.

As we approached the campground where we […]

January Dog Sledding Tours

The quietest time of year for us business-wise is the first three weeks of January. Perhaps it is that most people have had a busy holiday season and are all traveled out. Perhaps there is concern that this span may be the coldest time of year.
Whatever the reason, it is too bad because adventurers […]

John Beargrease 2008

Peter McClelland signs up for the John Beargrease 2008 Sled Dog Marathon! Peter’s love of the sport of sled dogs propells him to test his personal endurance along with his canine companions in the gruling 400 mile race cource of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon.

For almost twenty years, from 1879 to 1899, John […]