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A dog sled team in the snow with a man petting one of the lead dogs.


Dog Sledding Day Trips

We offer single- and partial-day excursions for those eager to give dog sledding a try but with limited time in their schedule. Even though shorter in length, these trips still feature our authentic style of sledding, with you learning the basics and driving a dog team of 4 to 6 enthusiastic Alaskan huskies.  Choose from a full-day trip (lunch on the trail), a three-quarter day trip (mid-day half-day trip that includes lunch on the trail), or a half-day trip (no lunch).

Day Trips

Partial Day Trips

Tandem Day Trips

For good control of the sled and quick steering response, one person drives the team while the other rides – snuggled inside the padded sled bag.

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3/4 Day Trip

Cruise through the winter wonderland, exploring frozen lakes and delightful northwoods trails with friendly Alaskan sled dogs.

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Premier Day Trip

Every participant drives their own White Wilderness solo sled with a team of four to six Alaskan huskies. A solo day trip includes full instruction, guides, gear, and a hot trail lunch.

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Half-Day Trip

Half day trips are available for groups of 4 or more. An expedited training session gets you out on the trail for about 2 hours of fun-filled dogsledding.

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