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A dog sled team pulling a sled in the sun with a single rider.


Signature Trips

We are remote in the Minnesota wilderness, so remote that there is no other residence or business within three miles of us in Ely, MN.
That makes White Wilderness the perfect place to go dogsledding to experience getting away from it all.


Camping – Yurt Style!

A cozy yurt awaits, tucked amongst a grove of cedars. Relax and unwind inside over a hearty dinner and stories from the trail.

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Adventure By Day – Comfort by Night

Days are spent exploring a spectacular region considered by National Geographic as one of the top 50 places you must see.

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Dog Sledding Day Trips

You will learn to drive a dog team of 4 to 6 Alaskan huskies. Covering between 15 and 30 miles of scenic lakes and trails.

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Enjoy Your Hands On Dog Sled Trip With Our Experienced Guides

People standing around a dog in the snow.

When describing our trips, we use the term “authentic,” and by that, we mean our participants truly have an immersive experience in the activity of dogsledding in the wilderness of Minnesota.  Every participant fully interacts with the dogs, harnessing them, hooking them up into teams, and of course, driving the sleds.

All of our trips are guided by seasoned staff. By seasoned, we mean our guides are experienced and return year after year to provide you with friendly instruction and expert guidance in learning to drive your dog team. With two-thirds of our guides celebrating over ten years of guiding White Wilderness trips, it’s no wonder that collectively they represent some 106 years of experience! A White Wilderness guide is highly qualified, with an average of almost twelve winters on the runners.

Trips are offered in two different styles.  Our Tandem Sled Trips allow you to share a sled with a partner. One person rides while the other drives, with position switching as often as you wish. This style is perfect for families or people who feel they will need more breaks or social folks who enjoy the closer companionship.

The other trip style, the Solo Sled Trip, is what it sounds like, you drive your team solo. This trip style provides a great way to bond with your dog team and is perfect for active travelers.

Each trip style (Tandem or Solo) is offered in one of three categories for you to choose from:  Day Trip, Lodge-based Trip, or our specialty, the Yurt Trip.

Dog sled team looking like they are ready to run.
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