Non-Profit Group Trips Offer A Winter Adventure Together!

We have delivered countless  non-profit group trips for many different organizations including the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, the International Wolf Center, Road Scholars, high school and college-level winter ecology classes and many others. We have the dogs, the facilities and the expertise to manage large groups and still keep all the individuals actively involved.

We offer group programs from half-day trips up to overnight yurt or multiple day camping trips.
“My student’s minds have expanded more here than ever possible stuck in a classroom.
This time has allowed for some conversations that I think most parents only wish they could have
with their kids. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. ”

-Rick Frye, Hastings MN


We believe in a very hands-on approach with our dogsled program. Each of our trips includes complete dogsledding instruction from our guides. Participants will harness and hook up dogs, as well as learn skills helpful in maneuvering their sled along the trails. Upon returning from a trip, we encourage participants to spend time with their dogs, handing out treats, unharnessing and returning the dogs to their houses. Participants share each dog team with one other participant or guide, taking turns driving and riding. We provide one to two guides to accompany a group of 5 to 14 participants.
It should be understood that large groups are inherently unweildly, doubly so when you add in the sled dogs. To keep large groups organized (12 and over) we recommend splitting the group in half.

Trips range from half day trips on up to yurt or camping overnight trips.
Contact us to receive our Nonprofit Group Rate Sheet or discuss prospective dates and programs.