Lodge Based Dog Sled Trips

lodge based dog sled trips

Adventure By Day – Comfort By Night

Dogsled by day, and retire to a northwoods lodge in the evening. For those who’s only desire to rough it ends at the end of the day, enjoy savory meals and comfortable accommodations after a full day of mushing on the trail. Days are spent exploring a spectacular region considered by National Geographic as one of the top 50 places you must see. Unwind in the evening, relaxing by the fireplace with good conversation. Each day, a unique route is tailored to people’s interests and the weather.


Lodge Trips Trip Intro
Classic Lodge Trip Shared sleds allow you to share the day with a partner and take breaks between mushing. Perfect for less active people and families. Read More
Whispering Pines Deluxe lodge trip with solo sleds and a night run grand finale. Perfect to bring your group of friends on, just don’t forget the wine. Read More