Winter Yurt Camping Adventure!

Yurt Camping in the snow in Ely MN.Winter Camping – Yurt Style!

Is a winter yurt trip right for you? Imagine mushing across a frozen lake, lined by frosted pines and arriving in a secluded bay for the evening. Unload your overnight bag and provisions from the sled. A cozy yurt awaits, tucked amongst a grove of cedars. Relax and unwind inside over a hearty dinner and stories from the trail. The call of the sled dogs is nearby, as they bed down for the night after a full day of exploring.

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Savor the additional time to spend with our friendly dogs at the yurt…helping feed, care for and give them extra attention. Explore the lake on foot or by snowshoes. Witness the dogs howl in a mesmerizing chorus at the full moon or echo the lone call of a distant wolf.

winter camping inside a yurtWhat is a Yurt?

A yurt is a round semi-portable tent, with a rich history from the nomadic people central-Asia and Mongolia. Ours is insulated, heated and on a carpeted platform. The yurt is outfitted with tables, chairs, and cots with pads and winter sleeping bags for sleeping as well as a latrine for when nature calls. The yurt makes a great destination for short trips or as a base for exploring the Boundary Waters and the northern reaches of our dog sled trail system with our longer trips.  Six people can comfortably co-exist in the yurt, more if it is a group of adventurous friends. Try winter yurt camping!


Choose a yurt trip with 1.5 – 4 days of mushing…

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Yurt Trips Trip Intro
Yurt Escape Shared sleds allow you to share the day with a partner and take breaks between mushing. Perfect for less active people and families. Read More
Shared Yurt Trip Novice trip with a 3-night lodge stay and a journey on shared sleds to a remote lake for an overnight yurt stay.  Perfect for families or the less active adventurer. Read More
Solo Yurt Trip Our most popular trip. Learn to drive your own dog team and explore pristine trails. A two-night stay at our backcountry yurt makes the most of our trail system.  Read More
Winter Odyssey Deluxe lodge trip with solo sleds and a night run grand finale. Perfect to bring your group of friends on, just don’t forget the wine. Read More

Yurt History

camels in front of a yurt in asia

Yurts have existed for thousands of years in Central Asia. The first evidence of yurt dwellings is found in Siberia, standing in nearly the same design as they do today.

The circular shape of yurts makes them capable of resisting winds from any direction. Only the door of the yurt is vulnerable, and yurt doors are very strong and modern. Often made of a wooden frame, and sometimes the door itself is made of wood, as opposed to a flap opening in the felt. This strengthens the door, and the yurt, against the mighty winds of the steppe. The sloping shape of the roof also means strong winds are less likely to tear off roof beams.

Mongolian nomads historically moved three to four times a year. Not only did yurts make this easy by being so quick to set up, but they were also usually made of skins or felt and therefore very light. Large family yurts could be completely taken down in an hour and hauled on two or three pack animals, such as horses, camels, or yaks. Farther west, in what is now Afghanistan and Pakistan, nomads used donkeys as pack animals.

In cold climates, a wood stove would be placed in the center of the yurt.