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Premier Day Trip

Mush your own team for the day, with just you on the sled!  Hang on and get ready to cruise a variety of trails through the northwoods with your team of athletic and enthusiastic sled dogs.

Premier Day Trips are private trips – just your party and the guide(s). With four+ hours of active adventure, these engaging trips can be more physically demanding than our shared sled trips.  Minimum group size is 2 guests.

Arrive at the kennel, check in at the office and confirm that your gear will be warm and toasty for the day. Then you will meet your furry traveling companions. We will teach you the essentials of driving a sled and harnessing dogs. Once you have harnessed your team, we will set off for the day, exploring a variety of National Forest trails and lakes. Return to the kennel by 3:30pm.

  • Includes full instruction, guides, gear and a hot trail lunch.

  • Includes full instruction, guides, gear and a hot trail lunch.
  • Solo Sled trips
  • Gets you out in the wilderness for about six hours and requires active participation; harnessing your team, giving commands and driving your team for the day
  • Covering between 20 and 40 miles of scenic lakes and trails
  • Ideal for hands on learners, aspiring mushers, adventure seekers and those who like to be in the drivers seat

Trip Price: $495/person weekend, $395/person weekday
Minimum age: 14 years old
*10% off groups of 4 or more

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