Fall Construction

Fall is a great time for us. Not only is it cool enough to begin running dogs but it is a time to make things better for winter. This year we have a list of items that is long enough that the staff sputtered when they saw it. I think that is a good […]

Dark Skies and Yurt Dog Sledding

I have been reading recently of the growing “dark skies” initiatives. These are communities that using lighting or the lack of to make it possible to see the night sky. Most people cannot even see the Milky Way from where they live.

I have been promoting seeing the night sky for decades as one of […]

Dogsledding Vacations vs the Same Old Thing

Why Head North instead of south for your winter vacation? When you sign up for a sled dog trip it is question your friends will be asking you.

Going dogsledding is about adventure, exploration, learning new things and embracing winter. It is about having a unique an authentic experience. While those last sentences sound like […]

El Nino

The warm Pacific Ocean event known as an El Nino is in the news again. This year’s is expected to be a record breaker. While it means that many areas of the country and our state of Minnesota will lose out on winter it does not follow that we will.

Our kennel sits neatly just […]

Tails from the Trail-Food Problems

We believe in feeding people well on our sled dog trips. Nothing creates an appetite like a day out in the winter.

But sometimes even the best plans can go astray. One night in our Yurt camp we were serving fresh pumpkin pie for dessert. For the whipped cream we send out the ingredients in […]

Grandparent Grand Kid Sled Dog Trip

My 10-year-old daughter is away on a trip with her grandparents. When each grandkid turns 10 they get a trip. This is such an amazing opportunity. She will get out from under her parents and be able to “stretch her wings” a bit, she will get to know her grandparents better and she will […]

Kids Dog Training Weekend

Kids Weekend.

We went to a sled dog kids weekend with 12 dogs and Morgan, my daughter age 10 and a family friend, Julia age 12.

This was a great chance for the kids to expand their dog running ability, be able to be around other kids with the same passion and have access to […]

Alaskan Mushers facing Wild Fires

In 2011 our area was hit with a forest fire, the Pagami creek fire. On one day it made a run of 16 miles, much further than anyone had thought that it could. This put the fire within 8 miles of our kennel.

Having to face the prospect of evacuation with 100 dogs was very […]

Howard and Zombie

Howard and Zombie are two young dogs who are spending their fall learning to lead. To be more exact, their focus is on learning their commands, since they both ran lead a little last winter. Both of them are very willing students, and so far, they work very well together. To be honest, they […]

Rockin’ Guide

Yesterday Peter and I did a little work on the dirt road that leads to the kennel. There are a few strategically placed rocks on the road that shorter cars, like mine, tend to do battle with them from time to time. We decided that these needed to go. Pry bars in hand, we […]