Fueling the Furnace

Clothing can do two things for you. It can insulate you and it can keep you dry. It cannot create heat. Your body must do that. When participating in one of our trips, you will need to re-think your nutrition and food intake. First of all, you will be burning more calories than you normally do, so you must consume more calories. The most important meal is breakfast. We will be eating big breakfasts to stoke the furnace right from the start. It is also important what you eat. In today’s world, fat is considered bad for you only because often we do not burn it. On our winter trips, we are being active and fat consumed will be burned. Fat is the most important ingredient for keeping warm because it packs the longest lasting calories. You can go ahead and put butter on that toast, knowing it is not going to your middle but to your furnace. Aside from food there is one crucial ingredient we all need to consume in order to keep warm and alert, and that is water. To keep hydrated you should drink 2 to 3 quarts of water daily. Small quantities of fluids consumed at intervals throughout the day is best.

Exercise Keeps you Warmsm_Dog-0093

Besides food, exercise also warms you. During the day we are active and easily keep warm. During lunch, however, a common mistake is to put on an extra layer after you have cooled off and then expect to become warm. The extra layer is at air temperature and needs to be warmed. Remember, clothing cannot produce heat. Some exercise, like jogging-in-place, is needed to warm you. Another strategy is to put on the extra layer right when we stop so the built up heat from activity warms up the additional layer.