We want to make sure that you are both comfortable and safe while adventuring out into the frigid temperatures and sometimes unpredictable Minnesota winter weather. For this reason we offer the option of rental winter clothing to our customers. 

Ely Sled dog trip

Rental Clothing

  • Parka or Wind Jacket – $25
  • Insulated Wind Pants – $20
  • Winter Boots – $25
  • Mittens – $5-$10
  • Entire package – $60

If you wish to rent warm clothing, please indicate your size on the Personal Information Form.

If interested in rental clothing, we need to know which items and your clothing size at least three weeks prior to your arrival.

Dress in Layers

We cannot stress this enough! Layers are a crucial part of keeping you warm and comfortable on your trip. Dressing in layers allows you the ability to better regulate your body temperature than single heavy articles of clothing. This is because you will be able to remove layers as you become more active and add layers to trap the heat generated from activity when you rest. You will learn how to gauge and regulate your own body temperature but it is important to remember that dressing in layers are the first step in a safe and comfortable outdoor adventure.

For a complete list of what to bring please click below. 

Planning your Trip: What to Bring