Can I drive a dog team?

Yes you can! We have worked very hard to train our dogs and have tailor built our sleds to make driving a dog team as easy as possible. Your trip starts with an orientation that covers all aspects of driving a sled and handling the dogs. Dogsledding is an activity enjoyed by people ages 8 to 88. Although leading an active lifestyle may make your experience more enjoyable, it is certainly not a prerequisite to having a good time. Our guides drive sleds with the group and if you feel you want a little extra help, just ask to mush with one of them. They can give you pointers and help you out while riding in your sled.

How many dogs are on a team?

Many factors go into deciding how many dogs go on a team (trail conditions, strength of the individual dogs, weight of the musher and gear, and even personalities of the dogs). Our teams average about six dogs each.

What are the dogs like?

Our enthusiastic sled dogs are Alaskan huskies. Perhaps due to its hodgepodge heritage, the Alaskan husky is the most versatile breed of working dog in the world. Wonderful companions for your trip, they are hard working professionals. Our local vet has commented that our well-trained dogs are among the best-behaved dogs he has ever seen. These friendly dogs have a very strong bond with our staff and each dog knows their job. Many people are surprised at how well our dogs get along with one another. This is most obvious at the trailheads, for as we prepare the teams for the day’s outing, we can let several dogs run free until they are each called back for harnessing and clipping to their sled’s gang-line.

What’s it really like to drive a dog team?

Driving sled dogs is a study in contrasts. After the loud, enthusiastic barking of excited dogs ready to head down the trail, experience the quiet tranquility of the north woods, with the only sound being the pat, pat of the dogs’ feet on the trail. Fast paced maneuvering on the hills and through the forests, combined with effortless gliding and silent traveling on lakes and open trails, provide an unforgettable experience. These descriptive words help to visualize the experience, but to really know what it is like, you have to come and meet the dogs.