Do you have single accommodations?

Yes, we have single accommodations available. Listed with each trip is a small single supplement fee to offset the additional cost of single occupancy rooms (see single fee rate information).

I have a group who would love this experience. Do you do trips for private groups?

Yes! Not only will we take private groups for our programs, but we can also customize the program for you as desired. We have special group discounts for larger groups. See Group Programs for more info.

What is included in the trip price, and what do you accept for payment?

Our multi-day trips are complete packages; your lodging, food, equipment, guides, and dog teams are included. Ground transportation to and from the kennel is not included. We have winter rental clothing and boots available for an additional fee. Gratuity is not included. If you had a memorable trip, gratuity is customary. For payment, we accept most major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, Discover), checks and cash. For additional information, please see our reservation policies page.

How many people are on a sled?

We offer two styles of trips. On our Premier Trips, there is one participant per sled, and of course it is this person driving the team. These trips maximize your time with your dogs and driving the sled. These are also listed as “Solo Sled Trips.”

Many family groups, couples and people who want to ease into driving our dog teams enjoy our Traditional Trips, where two people share a team and sled, aka “Shared Sled Trips.” One person drives the sled and the other rides in the basket, and the driver and rider can change positions, as they desire. This is also a good trip to put the guide in your sled as the rider so they can offer suggestions along the way. (Riding in the sled offers a good opportunity for taking in the scenery and taking some photos.)