Will I stay warm?

Yes. There are some very basic principles to staying warm in a winter climate. Being prepared is key, which is why we send you our comprehensive “Guide to Keeping Warm” booklet when you sign up for a trip. Before you even leave your home you will have a basic understanding of staying warm in the winter. Once you arrive, our staff will be happy to check your clothing and help you layer your items in the most effective manner. (Preview our “Guide to Keeping Warm”.)

What part of winter is the best for dogsledding?

Winter brings with it diversity as well as some unpredictability. Essentially, any winter month is a good month to run a team of dogs. December and January often bring beautiful, tree-clinging snowfalls. February has a good snow base and the lengthening days become apparent. March tends to be a bit warmer with good, long days and established trails.

How’s the snowfall?

We are blessed to live in the Ontario snowbelt and consistently receive the highest snowfall in Minnesota.  Dogsledding requires the least amount of snowpack of any winter snowsport – ensuring we have the longest season possible – typically from early December through late March. Hurry up and come experience dogsledding before global warming rains on our fun!

What gear will I need?

All sled dog equipment is provided. You will just need to pack your warm winter clothing. Most people find that they already have most of what they need, or they easily borrow from friends and family. Some items may have to be purchased prior to your trip; however, you will have our detailed list of recommended clothing to bring. (Take a look at our suggested packing list.)

Is rental clothing available?

Yes, we have great outerwear for you to rent for your trip. Boots, parkas, and wind pants are all available. (Review our rental list and rates. )