Peter McClelland, Chris Hegenbarth, and two children

Can You Dog Sled With Children?

Meet The Family

Peter McClelland

Peter McClelland, a naturalist by training and a musher by choice, has many years of experience guiding winter sled dog trips. He has introduced sled dogs to groups of all ages, and is known for his exceptional ability to train novices to drive a dog team. A co-founder of the Ely Area Mushing Association, he is dedicated to the welfare of sled dogs worldwide.

Chris Hegenbarth

Chris Hegenbarth is in charge of the books and cookies. You may not notice the careful attention she pays to the taxes and bookkeeping, but you will certainly appreciate her homemade cookies that go out on each trip. In addition to helping out with White Wilderness, Chris is a busy administrator at Vermilion Community College.