Theos_Bertha_2009Kahsha literally grew up in the woods, just a few miles away from White Wilderness. Once she mastered the basics of standing and holding on, the next logical step  was to do both… on the back of a dogsled. As a kid the majority of her summers were spent deep in the Quetico Provincial Park, both on personal canoe trips and guided trips with her parents. By her teens she became co-guide with them. Living in the bush, so far off the beaten path, her only way to get home was to dogsled or ski four miles. She became an avid dogsledder, as many children of mushers do. She got involved with the White Wilderness kennel at the age of 15 and continued though high school. Kahsha has stories from the past 20 years of calling the woods around White Wilderness home.

At present she is a nomad, claiming ten moves in the last three years. She has spent the last two years working with reptiles and is now the senior keeper at a small zoo in Maryland that boasts the most diverse venomous collection of snakes on the east coast. The winters are slow at the zoo and she’s been missing real winters. Having not seen sub-zero temperatures in almost three years, she is eager to return home and spend some quality time in the snow!

Next on her adventure list is a masters degree in conservation biology, becoming a ranger in Africa protecting megafauna from poaching, starting a reptilian-handling training center, spreading her message of conservation though education, and of course, hammocking with her best friend Lexie Bo, a little whippit-pitbull dog.