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Why Choose White Wilderness Adventures For An Authentic Dog Sledding Trip?

Our Authentic Trip Style

We take pride in our authentic sled dog tours. By “authentic” we mean those choosing to dogsled with us truly have an immersive experience in the activity of dogsledding. Every participant fully interacts with the dogs, harnessing them, hooking them up into teams, and of course, driving the sleds. Not only does this provide the most enjoyable experience for you, but it is also the most enjoyable for our dogs, and our guides. It’s a win, win, win.

Our Dogs

Our dogs are fantastic. In fact, they are professionals. The time and training spent with them year-round pay off, in terms of contributing to their even temperament and good social skills. Conditioning begins in late August, once the mornings are cool enough for these furry animals to safely run without overheating. This gets them into great shape for your trip, as after all, they are athletes and all athletes need to train to be at their best. The time and care put into their training are good for the dogs and good for you. When you join us for a trip, you can be assured that the dogs know their job is taking you out into the wilderness, and this is a job they take seriously.

Our Guides

Our guides have a lot of experience and it shows. Expect to see this experience in their dog skills, trail safety, knowledge of dogsledding and the region, and rapport with people (whether newbies to dog sledding, returning adventurers, or fellow guides).
All of our trips are guided by seasoned staff. By seasoned, we mean experienced, with guides coming back year after year to provide you with friendly instruction and expert guidance in learning to drive your dog team. With two-thirds of our guides celebrating over ten years guiding White Wilderness trips, it’s no wonder that collectively they represent some 106 years of experience! A White Wilderness guide is highly qualified, with an average of almost twelve winters on the runners.

Our Location

Truly, it would be hard to find a location better suited to running sled dogs. Our kennel is in the heart of the Superior National Forest, on the edge of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, and 28 miles outside of the small town of Ely, MN. This remote location is a fantastic gateway to exploring the beauty of the boreal forest and northern lakes.

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