dog0134It is our sincere pleasure to introduce you to the fascinating world of sled dogs. We are dedicated to offering you the adventure of a lifetime. You will experience the personal pride of driving your own dog team and the rare pleasure of exploring the White Wilderness in northern Minnesota.
At White Wilderness our goal is to share the experience of driving a dog team with you. We believe that nothing compares to standing on the runners of your own sled with a team of dogs pulling you through the woods. Driving a dog team is not only a unique way of experiencing the wilderness; it fosters a captivating relationship with sled dogs that few people experience.

In order to enjoy a White Wilderness trip you must be comfortable. That is why we not only send you a detailed clothing list, but we teach you how to get the most from your clothing. On every trip, we spend time reviewing your gear and ensuring you will be comfortable on the trip. We will spend time teaching you how to drive a dog team. Every detail and aspect will be covered patiently and thoroughly. When we get going, you will learn from the best, the dogs themselves. By sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm we believe that anyone can drive a dog team and keep warm in the winter. Over the past 15 years, White Wilderness has introduced thousands to the thrill of dog sledding. We truly believe anyone can learn to drive a dog team.