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Winter Camping – Yurt Style!

If you want an incredible winter adventure, this may be the trip for you! Our cozy yurt awaits after you travel by dog team on trails traversing lakes and boreal forests. The yurt is nestled in the secluded bay of our remote camp, within a grove of cedars. After unloading your sled of overnight bags and provisions, relax and unwind inside over a hearty dinner and stories from the trail. The call of the sled dogs is nearby as they bed down for the night after a full day on the trails, exploring. The yurt is situated where there is no artificial light. Stargazing is truly remarkable from the remote camp. Those lucky enough may also see spectacular northern lights.

The overnight yurt trip allows additional time to spend with our friendly dogs where you’ll help feed, care for, and give them extra attention. Explore the lake on foot or by snowshoe. Witness the dogs howl in a mesmerizing chorus under moonlight or listen to the echo call of a distant wolf.

What is a Yurt?

A yurt is a round semi-portable tent and has a rich history from the nomadic people of central Asia and Mongolia. Insulated, heated, and on a carpeted platform, our yurt is furnished with tables, chairs, cots for sleeping, and winter sleeping bags. A latrine is located nearby for when nature calls. The yurt makes a great destination for short trips or as a base for our longer trips exploring the Boundary Waters and the northern reaches of our dog sled trail system.  Six friends and family members can comfortably stay in the yurt (a few more if it is an adventurous bunch!). Give winter yurt camping a try!

Your Yurt Camping Adventure Starts Here!

We have a yurt trip for all adventure levels, from tandem sled trips for families and newer adventurers to solo sled trips that provide multiple days of adventurous sledding.

Tandem Trips

Solo Trips

Tandem Yurt Trips

This yurt trip with tandem sleds will balance new mushing skills with a comfortable lodge stay and an overnight trip to our secluded yurt on a pristine lake.

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Premier Yurt Trip

Spend three full days immersed in the mushing world with a team of enthusiastic and lovable huskies.

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Yurt Escape

Load a small overnight bag in the sled and we’re off! Explore stunning forest trails and lakes en route to our backyard yurt, tucked away on a pristine lake.

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Winter Odyssey

Experience the ultimate dog mushing: the magic of dog sledding under the night sky.

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