Your Dog Sledding Trip Adventure Awaits!

Here is how you get started …

First, decide which trip is the best match for you. Many trip types and dates are available, for individuals, couples, families, and private groups. All of our trips are customizable as far as itinerary and dates.
When selecting your hands-on dog sledding adventure, you have three choices to make, including how adventurous of a trip you want.

Dog sledding trip, ely dog sledding, sled dog trip ely mn, outdoor adventure tripTrip Length—Day trips are great if you have limited time, however multi-day trips will provide you with more experience, diversity in trails, and difficulty levels. Three-day trips are our most popular length, but we have trips shorter and much longer.

Shared vs Solo Sleds—Shared sled trips, where you share the driving experience with a partner (two people sharing one team), are great for families, individuals anticipating a need to take a break from driving the sled, or people who just want to be social with their partner during all aspects of the trip. Solo sled trips are best for active adventurers, they offer more hands-on dogsledding, providing more one-on-one time for you to fully connect with your dogs. These trips are by far the most popular.

Where to Sleep at Night—Yurt camping trips are our specialty. These plush camping trips—with a night or more at our heated, remote yurt—are really a hybrid between full-fledged winter camping, and staying in a rustic cabin. For those of you whose idea of roughing it ends when the dogs are unhooked, we offer lodge-based trips with a spectrum of amenities. Do these options seem too tame? Consider our camping adventures, usually longer treks, for those looking for the complete winter experience.

For multi-day trips, think about what type of accommodation you want. While the first and last night of every trip is in a lodge or cabin, the nights in between can be spent at the lodge, at our comfortable yurt camp, or rough it on the trail in a tent.

  # Days Mushing People / Sled Difficulty Level # Nights at Lodge # Nights at Backcountry Yurt # Nights Tent Camping Nights Run
Shared Day Trip 1 2 Novice 0 0 0 No
Solo Day Trip 1 1 Adventurous Beginners 0 0 0 No
Shared Lodge Based Trips 3 2 Novice 4 0 0 No
Whispering Pines Premium Package 3 1 Adventurous Beginners 4 0 0 Yes
Shared Yurt Trip 3 2 Adventurous Beginners 3 1 0 No
Solo Yurt Trip 3 1 Adventurous Beginners 2 1 0 No
Yurt Escape 1.5 2 Adventurous Beginners 0 1 0 No
Winter Odyssey 4 1 Intermediate 3 2 0 Yes
Northwoods Trek 3 1 Intermediate 2 0 2 No
Northwoods Trek Deluxe 4 1 Intermediate 2 1 2 No
Northwoods Explorer 4 1 Intermediate 2 0 3 No
Northwoods Passage 6 1 Burly 2-3 0 4-5 No
Northwoods Fisherman’s Circuit 3 1 Adventurous Beginners 2 0 2 No
Northwoods Fishing Explorer 4 1 Intermediate 2 0 3 No
Custom Trips There are plenty of options, Call or e-mail us to customize your next dog sledding adventure.
Difficulty Levels:
  • Novice:
    No experience necessary. Great for families, seniors and groups with kids over age 8.
  • Adventurous Beginners:
    More physical, simply because you’re driving a sled single handedly all day.
  • Intermediate:
    Physically active for much of the day. No previous mushing experience necessary.
  • Burly:
    Previous White Wilderness trip or equivalent experience required. Potentially demanding both physically and mentally. Some previous camping experience (summer or winter) strongly recommended.
Style of Sled Travel: Traditional Style = 2 person per team
Premier Style = 1 person per team

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