Our Covid Plan

We will be open and running for 2020/21

Covid has affected us all, and many people are wondering about the plans for our sled dog adventures. Because our trips are outdoors, we are a much safer activity than ones held indoors. Even so, we have implemented safeguards to keep our trips as risk-free as possible. […]

Suggested Reading List for the Yurt

One might think that reading about a guy freezing to death in the Yukon wouldn’t make for a great bed time story while sleeping on a frozen lake at 25 below zero. My husband questioned my judgement as I packed the copy of Jack London’s To Build a Fire into my bag, and I […]

An Eventful Evening at the Yurt

I awoke in the middle of the night to eleven sled dogs sounding the alarm. They have a very distinct bark when something big is moving around nearby, and that was the bark they were using now. I heard Zombie, Misfit and Cookie all launch from their beds on either side of me, as […]

The northern lights have seen queer sights …

I have seen many interesting creatures behind a dog team over the years; wolves, moose, caribou, polar bear tracks, otter slides, the list goes on. However the night before Thanksgiving, I had one of the most interesting encounters I have had in a long time while running the race team late at night. I […]

Sheldon–the Sled Dog

Yesterday, I decided to run Sheldon and Joker in lead on my afternoon run. As I watched Sheldon pee on the tire of Theo’s 4 wheeler as we attempted to pass her team (yes, he was peeing on the tire while we were all still moving), I realized that this was not going to […]

Lance Mackey: An Evening with the Legendary Musher

The White Wilderness crew got a chance to meet Lance Mackey and watch the new Lance Mackey film, The Great Alone, as part of last weekend’s Beargrease fundraising event.  What a treat!  If you’re a sled dog fan, you will definitely want to check it out.  You can even bring your non-doggie friends along, […]

Sled Dog Passing Practice – Not your ordinary rush hour traffic

Three sled dog teams. Forty-eight dogs. A great opportunity to practice passing as the crews sped out

of the yard on Friday.  With passing practice, the goal is for dogs to mind their own team, stay in their lane and pass flawlessly by another team. Watch professional sled dog teams and you’ll notice the dogs are focused […]

First Impressions – Back in the Saddle

Remember the first time you tried something very new? The first day of kindergarten, first wobbly bike ride without training wheels, first kiss, and so on. The first time dogsledding is right up there. The feeling is unmistakable. It is that raw, alive, totally in the moment, edge of your seat, “what’s gonna happen next?!” […]

Unexpected New Lead Dog

Cool mornings mean a start to fall training, an exciting time for us as well as the dogs. Oftentimes, a young dog that we have worked with the winter before will seemingly spend the summer reflecting on the lessons learned. This makes the first runs of fall exciting, since we get to see who […]

Teaching Sled Dogs Haw Over

We train our dogs to do many things and the fall is the perfect time for it. We have ATVs that we use to run the dogs. One of there benefits is we can stop where ever we want and teach. Because we train on forest service roads we make the dogs “gee over”, […]