Joe Joe

Its funny which dogs become your favorites; you’d think it would be the best dogs you run, the best leaders, the fastest, the most energetic. But sometimes you can’t figure out why a dog is at the top of your list. Joe Joe is a dog like that, he’s retired now, but when he […]

Button Box Sled Dog Get Together

Button Box
We just got back from our annual training event we attend at Button Box campground. This event is fantastic. The unique feature is that there is great diversity in mushers. This year we had a total of 440 dogs and about 45 people. There were racers with large teams and recreational mushers with […]

Dogsledding is Better than Snowmobiles

This year has been a wonderful collection of experiences involving snowmobiles to reinforce our conviction to run sled dogs.
The first snowmobile adventure was way back in early January when we needed to break trail for a busy week. Until recently we had always broken trail with big teams of dogs, then a few years […]

Spring with the Sled Dogs

The dogs are done with this years dogsledding trips and now it is spring in the dog yard

Dogsledding Through the Boreal Forest

Minnesota is a large and ecologically diverse state. Where we are located it is the smallest of all the sub ecosystems, the Boreal Forest. This area of big pines is located on the Canadian Shield, the bedrock that comes jutting up to provide our rocky outcrops.

We are well known for our lakes and they […]

Dogsledding in the Middle of Somewhere

“Boy are you out there”, is how I am greeted many times when people arrive. And we are out there but not in the middle of nowhere. We are in the center of the Superior National Forest and on the edge of the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area (BWCA). Our kennel directly connects to the […]

Sled Dogs for Adoptions









We have several wonderful sled dogs for adoption. Click on this link to see the list. adoption dogs

If you are looking for a companion this is a great chance to find one.

Spring Update 2014

It spring time, some of the time here. We have been running dogsledding trips on fabulous snow into April now. The trails are good and the sides of them still will have you bogged down if you venture off of them.

But the kennel must move on and prepare for the next season. This year […]

Training Dog for Great Dogsledding Trips

Kennel Odometer Update: 38,210 Miles It’s mid-December, and the Cumulative Kennel Odometer (CKO) has just clicked past 38K for the season. Hundreds of miles have been logged with each and every dog. They are ready for our first guests to arrive this weekend. How did we get to 38K? Energetic puppy runs where absolutely […]

Get out Dogsledding in the Winter


Cold is what makes people think twice, or not at all about doing a dogsledding winter trip or any winter trip. But cold is also an unexpected treasure. The first time it drops below zero, every single year, I procrastinate going outside, and inevitably I over prepare. I end up outside sweating, feeding dogs […]